Monday, April 13, 2009

The Final Three (for now, at least)

Despite Brian's sneaky attempts to get the name "Austin" on the list of finalists (he scribbled OUT one of my favorite names on the fridge and replaced it with the name of the down-south city), I think we've arrived at a final roster of names for baby boy:


And the best part is that both families are OK with all three! That is, at least no one voiced any strong opposition over our 8-hour Easter extravaganza, yesterday.

Yes, the multiple spellings mean there is a new wrinkle in this compromise: how to spell the name upon which we agree.

Unless we change our minds (which is completely possible, as we reserve the right to do so!), these will probably be the names we take into the delivery room with us in July.

And since we've kind of decided that naming will happen after baby boy is born, that means Brian crossed off the last pre-birth nursery to-do when he hung the peg shelf on Saturday. After we come home from the hospital with our newly named little guy, we'll add his name above the crib. Until then, we'll just continue to put newly acquired baby things away in their new rightful places in the nursery.

(Note the teddy bear on top of the armoire: it's my dad's teddy bear, dressed in the outfit Brian wore home from the hospital when he was born)

One other note from the Easter dinner: multiple requests to stand up, pull up my shirt and make room for hands on my belly confirm for the families that I've definitely started to "pop." Stay tuned for a photo tomorrow (26 weeks), to judge for yourself.

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