Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lesson learned: don't automatically assume blue means boy clothes

Here's an outfit one of Brian's clients gave us shortly after Shorty was born. I thought the one pink letter on the front was funny, but the outfit is blue, and there are blue and green letters, too.

So I grabbed it out of his closet this morning, and as I was putting it on him, I realized this is definitely a girl's onesie. First of all, there is a scalloped, kind of lace-y edge around the neck and snap line. And then, once I got it on him, I realized the shoulders have some "poof" in them!

Apparently they make girls clothes a little smaller, too. 'Cause Cayden's 12-month boys clothes from Carters fit him pretty well, but this 12-month Carters onesie is a bit tight.

Daddy wanted me to take the outfit off Junior as soon as he saw it. I figured since it was on him, let him get at least one wear out of this thing. The compromise? I have to be sure and change our little boy into something more respectable before the SuperBowl starts.

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