Sunday, February 28, 2010

7 months old, today

7-month birthday started with Grandma, PawPaw, Mimi, Auntie-cole and Uncle Will, then we spent the afternoon with Jess, Dave and Max.

First, Cayden and Max got acquainted, again.

Then Max shared his Matchbox cars.

Cayden filled the bed of this truck with baby-vom. Yummm!!


Then Cayden shared some of his toys.

And Mama snuck a picture.

And she had to get a shot of the chubby foot.

And Max gave a kiss (just missed it!)

And then the U.S. scored to tie the hockey game in the last 30 seconds, inspiring yelling and shouting from everyone in the room. Everyone but Cayden, who heard the rucous, immediately painted his face with a huge frown, and then started screaming (crying). The kind of gasping-for-breath-crying we haven't heard in a while. So sad to see him that scared, but someday I've got to capture that unhappy face on camera. It's heartbreaking, in a uniquely beautiful and innocent way.

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