Friday, March 5, 2010

Playhouse Cafe

What a cool concept! A coffeehouse/cafe that caters to moms with young kids. Cayden and I made our first trip to Playhouse Cafe this morning, and while it was a little crowded in the little kid area and the staff seemed a bit disorganized, it was a neat place. We'll probably go more often when Cayden is a little older, but today he got to meet Keaton, Ethan, Maddy and a few other tots, while Mama got to meet and chat with a handful of moms from a local moms' message board.

Enjoying our oatmeal (the real stuff now in the morning, not baby cereal) in a little, big-boy chair in the cafe, outside the play area. Yes, little, big-boy chair -- it was a small version of a normal chair that required big-boy muscles to stay in place.

Checking out Keaton.

And playing with new toys.

Next time we'll know the "rules" and will abide better: no shoes in the tot area and all food stays in the cafe, away from the playspace.

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C and M said...

It was so nice to meet you and Cayden. Hope to catch up with you again soon!