Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daddy Daycare, Day 1

All the babysitting grandparents are out of state today and tomorrow, and I'm working an extra day this week.

So that means Daddy Daycare for the next two days.

Brian's looking forward to spending time playing and running errands with his boy, and I'm excited for them to have the one-on-one time together. I'm also a little anxious about how the day will go (I just informed Brian he can't let the yogurt sit on the counter for five hours until lunch, and I think stopping to check on Oscar the cat, visiting a client, shopping at Giant and running through Costco is an aggressive mid-morning outing for Chicken), but I tend to be overly planned and cautious.

So as I head out the door for work, I leave my baby napping in his crib and Daddy preparing the hommous smear on bread for lunch.

Have fun, boys!

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Mayday28 said...

i think i speak for all your fans when i say, "We want crawling pic's!"