Sunday, May 2, 2010

Destruction: Complete; Now we're ready for junk removal and construction

So after seeing the back of the house with nothing on it -- no deck, no sunroom -- my brother was right: our imaginations opened up, and we decided to go a completely different way than we were planning.

We're no longer putting a room back on the bottom of the house -- no office, no sunroom -- and instead we're going to do a patio under the deck. Removing the crappily constructed sunroom brightened the family room impressively, and we really like the openness and view of the yard from the concrete slab.

Next step is to get a dumpster and get rid of the mountain of crap that used to be a deck and room. Then Jeff will have lumber delivered to our house, and Brian and some talented family members (his dad, my dad, my brother, our brother-in-law, and anyone else who wants to show up and help out) will start building according to Jeff's plan.

The patio will likely wait until the fall or next spring; we have enough on our plates for the next few weeks, and Brian and I both want to take advantage of my last few months of four-day weekends with Shorty.

Some final "before" pictures:

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