Friday, July 30, 2010

One more visit to school, then the rest of our afternoon

And today, Miss Rose invited Cayden to participate in arts and crafts time!  He wasn't so sure about the frozen paint shape, and he was more interested in wiping the paint on his next-door-neighbor's hair, but it was so, so, SO fun to watch him engage in what will become daily creativity and sensory exercises.

These teachers really have this stuff down to a science: the rest of the kiddos at the table watch and wait their turns as each teacher works with one child at a time.  I imagined ten little hands smearing paint all over themselves while eating the paper they were to paint on, but Miss Rose and Miss Steph have everything under control.  The kids get a little artistic expression mixed with lessons on patience and fairness.

Cayden was even more independent today, and even shared toys with another little boy, completely oblivious to Daddy and my presence in the corner of the room.  I think this will be a great transition for him, come next Thursday!

When we got home this afternoon, after spending some time at Grandma and PopPop's getting ready for tomorrow's Big First Birthday Bash, I decided to try some arts and crafts time of my own.

So we got out the toddler crayons again (thanks to the early birthday present from Avery), and I'll be darned if Cayden didn't pick it up pretty quickly and create his first scribble-drawing for us.

Then the eldest cat puked, so I went into the office for a few minutes to clean it up. 

Silly me, leaving a one year old alone with crayon tips.

I returned to Cayden, in his room, with blue smears all over his face.  Thank God the people at Crayola are smart enough to create non-toxic crayons, because I'm sure we'll be finding a little chunk of blue in tomorrow's diaper.  I even had to brush his six little teeth, to find some white nubs under all that blue wax.

Oh, did I mention the younger cat ate the string off Cayden's Lil Snoopy?  Yeah, the red leash was apparently too much for the little hair-tie and shoe lace eating bugger to resist.  First we discovered the puppy earlier this week, with a six-inch leash, instead of the leash he came with when one of my generous co-workers passed the toy along.  Then yesterday Brian discovered the damn cat had a good inch and a half of leash hanging out his ass.  We waited a day for him to pass it on his own, then I took matters into my own hands and tugged it out this afternoon.

So in the span of an hour, I was blessed to have the opportunity to clean up cat vomit, pry crayon chunks out of my boy's mouth, then remove part of a child's toy from the other cat's ass.

It was a productive afternoon.  And I washed my hands A LOT.

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