Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sick sucks

This is what a baby with an ear infection (right ear only, thank goodness) and a sinus infection looks like at the end of the day, after struggling against coughs, sniffles and congestion to get only a few minutes of sleep each day.

He never had a fever spike that I saw, and he never pulled at his ear.  But since he was sick for about four weeks with a cold, then better for one week, then sick again, Daddy decided to call the doc. 

Thank goodness he did, because now we have some antibiotics to help Shorty fight his infections, and hopefully he (and we) will be able to get a good, comfortable night's sleep before too much longer.

He shows his exhaustion and despondency so pitifully in his gloomy, sparkle-less eyes, and they look like sad little puppy dog eyes.

Thank goodness for patient and understanding grandparents and great-grandparents, who coddled him through his discomfort and inspired Daddy to call the doc, because something just wasn't right about this cold.

Looks like we might have one more long night ahead of us before the wonder-drugs kick in, but like I told Daddy earlier today: one year ago, every night was a long night, and we survived all of those. 

So we'll dig deep into our energy and patience reserves again tonight to comfort and rock through the wee hours of the morning, eagerly awaiting that silver lining to appear in the form of the sparkle returned to Junior's peepers.

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