Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Seriously now, enough is enough

Sinus infection combined with ear infection.

Compounded by two molars, working their miserable ways through.

Punctuated by a fall down an entire second-floor-to-first-floor, hardwood staircase.  Yeah, that's this week's first new development.

And just for shits and giggles, this.

This pretty rash is spreading all over his body, including his face.

Doc Baker's diagnosis?  A measles-like amoxil rash, which is way, way better than measles itself. 

Speaking of which, while informational sites like are great and wonderful resources at times, no good can come from things like the "Visual Guide to Rashes", which offers a picture of measles presenting EXACTLY AS ABOVE without cautioning that amoxil rash is a common and far more plausible diagnosis for a 14-month-old who has been on amoxicillin for a week.

But good old Wikipedia has a great description and series of pictures here.  Which is fantastic, since after hearing , "no, it's really unlikely to be measles and I'll give you a note saying he's fine for daycare tomorrow", this Mama resumed chasing her semi-ambulatory boy around the examination room, failing to absorb anything more than "not really an allergic reaction, more like a pre-allergic reaction ... blah blah blah medical mumbo jumbo I can't follow and didn't have a free hand to jot down blah blah blah ... don't give him any more amoxicillin and it should be gone in two weeks."

Apparently my boy isn't quite ready for the wonder-drug my brother and I THRIVED ON for so many years.  We'll avoid it for a while and maybe return to it after time, since many kids outgrow this disgustingly nasty and completely terrifying rash reaction.

So now we have a new prescription to fight the sinus and ear infections the rest of the way, a purple goose egg on the head (from the summersault down the stairs) and a lot of 'splainin to do tomorrow morning, so Miss Rose and Miss Steph will let my poor little boy into the Bears' classroom.

Really, I have a lot of positive catching up to do, including  more scrap pages and happy memory documentation.  And I'll get to it eventually, once emergency doctors appointments and last-minute unbelievably huge work projects die down.

But for tonight, seriously now, enough is enough.

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