Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sick still sucks

This time, for Mama.  As in sick like I haven't been sick in years.  Head throbbing, bones aching, skin chilling, tears bursting, elephant-sitting-on-my-chest and coughing-so-hard-I-pee-a-little-even-when-I-bend-over-to-avoid-it sick.

And a dumb doctor, to top it off, who didn't give me the prescription he promised, even after I went through the whole story on Cayden's amoxil rash and asked the doc to make sure what he prescribed for me would be safe for the boy, considering our morning and evening nursing sessions.  Conclusion?  My prescription should be the same drug Cayden is on, the Z-pack.  So I fill the prescription on Saturday, after the fever and seriously-I-dont-know-if-I-can-get-out-of-bed body aches set in hard-core.  And I realize the prescription is for blasted amoxicillan.  Damn. Dumb. Doctor.  So even though I took off work Friday afternoon to see the doc and get some meds, I didn't get the meds I need until this morning. 

So it was a pretty miserable long weekend, spent largely in bed, convinced my head would explode or my lungs collapse. 

But there was a bright spot.  Chicken picked out three pumpkins from the Boy Scout Troop 10 annual Apple Pumpkin Festival.  Oh, and the military truck in the parking lot was a big hit for him.

Much props to Daddy for stepping up to the plate this weekend.  The thought of lifting a 30-pound toddler made me cringe all weekend long, and I was only forced to experience the resultant  mind-blowing body aches (seriously, they made me cry) a couple of times because that man of mine took on all kinds of extra baby duty.

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