Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm considerate like that

So Friday morning saw me at the OBGYN's office, bright and early.  So bright and early, in fact, I didn't even get to kiss my Shorty good morning, because he was still in snooze city when I left.

So I'm chatting it up with Amy, catching up on the last year and talking about timeframes for trying for a second baby.  And then we have to get down to the business for which I, completely naked under my leave-it-open-in-the-front sheet gown, was there. Starting with the breast exam.

And Amy jokes that we probably don't even need to do the breast exam, since I'm still breastfeeding at night and therefore probably touching my boobs more than 90 percent of women anyway.  At which point, I open up the gown to expose the gals for Amy.  And then I peer down, catching something slightly amiss.

So I blush briefly, excuse myself and explain that my boy is battling a bit of a headcold.  Because how else would I appropriately preface the act of peeling a 12.5-hour-old, big, crusty, green booger off my right nipple?

Hey, I'm considerate like that.

At which point Amy and the nurse standing by completely lost it, howling with laughter.

Comic relief in extended breastfeeding.  Good stuff.

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