Monday, December 13, 2010

Some of my best drinking friends

Holy shit, we've been acting like stupid 21-year-olds together for ten years now.  TEN YEARS.

And while we see each other far less frequently than we did ten years ago, and while our visits ten years later involve far less cheap beer and Bankers Club than they used to (well, most visits), we sure do jam as much celebrating and reminiscing into each window of catching up as possible.

Now with our babies.  And toddlers.  And "for the kids" now has a completely different meaning for us, one we're all learning the joys and limitations of along the way.

And how funny it is to watch our littles -- little versions of ourselves -- interact with each other. 

I like to think they'll grow up to be friends. 

Although Erin has already made clear that Cayden will not be allowed into Abby and Nora's East Halls dorm room their freshman year. 

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