Monday, April 2, 2012

25 weeks

Up about 13 pounds since pre-pregnancy, 2 pounds ahead of last time at this point as far as weight gain, but at exactly the same spot weight-wise, as I started this pregancy two pounds less than last time.  Baby's heart rate on Friday was 140, I measured right at 25 weeks in fundal height and blood pressure was the normal for me, a bit on the low side.  I did have trace protein in my pee, but Amy wasn't concerned about preeclampsia risk given the BP. 

She did ask me about our 20 week ultrasound, and I shared with her our disappointment that the Doc would not confirm the gender and went so far as to tell us, "I certainly wouldn't paint the nursery."  The ultra-sound tech pointed out the boy parts on one of our frames, but the image wasn't as clear as last time, so we asked the Doc for confirmation.  We're not terribly concerned, but we wouldn't mind a determination more conclusive than the tech's "we can't confirm anything with any certainty, but I think I saw what I saw."  And when we checked the photos we got to take with us from the 20-week ultrasound, the "boy parts" one wasn't there.

So Amy, as wonderful as she is, will do an ultrasound at my next appointment to double-check the gender. :)  Hopefully we'll get a better picture April 17, and we'll also get the results of my blood-glucose test (April 2) and copies of all my records to take with us to Disney World.


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Connie said...

Oh no! What happens if the next ultrasound proves the techie wrong? You'll have to go for #3 so the Barrett plaque won't gro to waste! Ha! Ha!