Tuesday, April 17, 2012

27 weeks

Had an appointment with Amy today, and this pregnancy continues to amaze me with its similarities to my pregnancy with Cayden.  After gaining steadily over the last few months, I ended up losing about a half-pound in the last three weeks, similarly to how I lost a pound leading up to my 29-week appointment last time. And this picture of me at about 27 weeks looks pretty darn similar to the 28-week photo from the last go-round.

Blood pressure is still on the low side of normal (100/52 today), fetal heart rate was 143 and no protein in the urine this time.  Oh, and my glucose test results came back normal (93, lower than the 120 from three years ago, and well below the 140 max), so I get to skip the three-hour test again this time.

Amy tried to get the "turtle indicator" via ultrasound this morning, but all she could get was an image of a little round blob peeking out from under butt cheeks.  So we're pretty sure it was a scrotum, but Amy is going to try again to get a better photo at the next appointment. :)  Which is nice, because Barrett didn't cooperate for a nice head profile shot today either, and I'd really like a little face to show Cayden.

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