Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kicking off the second year album

Toddling to Two has officially been started.  First page down: first haircut.  And the empty circle under the headline?  That's where Shorty's first professionally sheared lock will be taped, once the album is done and printed, oh, about 11.5 months from now.

Other news of note? Mimi taught Cayden how to wink yesterday, and yesterday evening he hosed the kitchen floor with a surprising volume and impressively forceful stream of pee. And once he was done peeing, he giggled right at Dad. No, we're not potty training, I just made the mistake of parading him around naked between bathtime and jammies last night.

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Connie said...

Grand-dude will be so disappointed to read this. He and Cayden were winking at each other all afternoon Wednesday, and he thought he had taught him how to do it. Good for Mimi!