Friday, August 13, 2010

Vampire Fridays

The good news is that on the fourth day of daycare, Cayden felt comfortable enough to poop at school.

The bad news is that the fourth day of daycare became the second day Cayden came home with a red ring of teeth imprinted on his body.  Today, a friend bit him on the right forearm.

I'm trying to maintain perspective: one of the reasons we picked this school is because they work with biters instead of expelling them.  But working with the biters doesn't make it any easier for the bite-ees (or their potentially overprotective daddies), and this Daddy ain't happy about spending $55 a day for our kid to come home with bite marks half the days he's there.

So, is this normal toddler adjustment, or a pattern with which to be concerned?

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Nicole said...

I think you have every right to know what the situations are in which he is being he taking toys (and giving kids a reason to bite), or are these demon kids just coming up out of nowhere and sinking their teeth in...??? I would kindly demand a meeting with the teachers to discuss it.

Poor little guy!