Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Little Biting Harlot: 3; Cayden: 0

She struck again. 

First a back bite, then an arm bite, and now the most insulting bite of all.

After a conversation first with Cayden's morning teacher, then with the Director who stayed late at work to talk to me after Cayden sustained his third bite in five days, we know the following:

(1) The problem biter is a girl

(2) Cayden is doing nothing to instigate the bites or retaliate after them.

(3) While Cayden has been bitten more often than other bitees, he is the most popular target, of late.

(4) The parents of the biter are very upset and are trying their best to correct the problem.

(5) Cayden's teachers are monitoring the pattern biter, but she is a quick little devil who occasionally beats them to the prey.

(6) Cayden's afternoon teacher is quite upset at the situation and feels responsible for the less-than-ideal introduction to daycare Cayden has experienced.  She wrote us a personal apology this afternoon.

Brian says one more bite and he'll go in to make heads roll.  Grand-dude says maybe the teachers should start smacking the little girl around or give her a bite to never forget. 

But the reality is, this is completely normal behavior.  It just sucks that my mellow little guy -- who apparently has no sense of personal space, because he allows the biter right into his immediacy and never reacts or makes a peep until the deed has been done -- is such a sweet, naive target.

So I still don't know what to do with all this, even after talking to the staff.

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