Sunday, March 4, 2012

21 weeks

First things first - at 20.5 weeks, on leap day, we learned we're expecting another baby boy.  Despite the apologies from family who were either convinced I wanted a girl or sincerely wanted a girl themselves, the three of us are thrilled for a baby brother for Cayden.  I'm excited to fully embrace the role of "boy mom," and Brian is glad he won't have to address girl drama in years to come.  And Cayden.  Although he told everyone at his school he's having a baby sister, he's wanted a boy all along, and we think he's pretty excited for a brother. 

At least he was excited for the new, blue penguin stuffed animal we gave him Wednesday afternoon after leaving the hospital.  He calls it his baby brother and wraps it in his blue blankie to carry around cradled in his arms.

Too cute.

Then we hosted Lauren's baby shower at my house this weekend (I was 21 weeks on Saturday).  I paid for it physically on Sunday (felt like I worked my quads like nuts at the gym), but it was a wonderful afternoon.  And the experience allowed me not only to enjoy getting creative with elegant (and cheap) shower decor, but also underscoreded for me that yes, this new house is perfect for entertaining.  35+ people including a half-dozen or so kids ate drank, socialized, played and enjoyed themselves for four hours.  All in all, a great success and a party-hosting confidence booster!

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Connie said...

We too are thrilled to have another grandson. With Cayden as a big brother role model, he will be totally awesome. And the shower was FANTASTIC! Way to go Super-mom!