Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nursery #2 Mood Board

We loved our first nursery, but we've decided to go with a completely different palette and approach this time.  OK, we're still thinking tree decal, but not quite so theme-y.

When we moved in, we decided on Sherwin Williams's intense teal as the color for the nursery, which would work for either boy or girl.

Since we know it's a boy now, we've decided on the rest of the palette - lime green, blue, brown and white - and we've started ordering some things.

First, a crib bedding set (My Baby Sam Paisley Splash in Lime), even though I didn't anticipate ordering one this time, since the blanket is kind of a waste and all I really need is a crib skirt.  But the colors and design of this one appealed to both Brian and I, so it's sort of a spring board for the entire room.

Since we have a couple of the amazing QuickZip sheets (in green and blue, I might add), I'll likely repurpose the brown polka-dot sheet into wall art of some kind down the road, once this little bugger's name has been finalized.

And the blanket may go up on the wall, too, depending on how pronounced the crib skirt and bumper are, once they're on the crib. 

Yes, we are crib bumper people; no I don't need to get into a debate about the safety risks.

And after seeing a daybed in our friends Mark & Beth's  nursery - absolutely genius idea for the nursing-every-two-hours mother so that I don't grow to hate a second couch - I decided I have to have that, too, at least for a few months.

So here's the daybed covering (Stone Cottage Fresno in Green Stripe), which I hope will coordinate yet contrast with the crib bedding well.
And finally the tree.  It just worked so well last time to liven up a big, bland wall, so we're going with another tree.  Trunk will be brown or white (not sure, yet), and the leaves will be lime green.

More details to come (like the My Baby Sam coordinating throw pillow and mobile I think I love, but don't want to buy until I'm sure these prints will work together), but we finally have a start.

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