Thursday, April 1, 2010

crossing my fingers that my boobs aren't wising up

Because all of a sudden over the last two weeks of workdays, it's taking a LOT longer to pump a smaller quantity of milk, and now my pump hurts a little.

Talked to LC Mary about it this morning, and she confirmed my initial thoughts: that it's time to change some pump parts. I had convinced myself that since I only pump three days a week, I didn't need to replace parts. But four pumpings per workday add up over the weeks and months, so I decided to order new diaphragms and flanges earlier this week. Mary said not only can the rubbery parts stretch, but they can also become coated with a thin layer of milk fat that makes the pump less efficient, thereby making letdown harder.

So here's hoping my parts arrive before work on Monday, and that the pump is the problem, not the boobs. Because if my boobs start out-smarting the pump (wising up that the plastic horns aren't actually a baby), it could make for a tough last four months before cow's milk.


Becki said...

Good luck! Our BFing stories sound so similar. Same thing happened to me around 8ish months. By 10 months we had to supplement with formula when the stash ran out, and by 11 months he rejected me completely. Crossing my fingers that you'll be able to make it the full year!

MEM said...

Good luck, you may have to add in some supplements (fenugreek or something) over the next few weeks. Pretty sure the 8-9 month growth spurt is what ended my pumping career - she was so efficient during our morning, late afternoon, and night nursing sessions, there was nothing left for the pump to pull. We, too, had to go to the freezer stash and add in some formula for months 10-12. My fingers are crossed for you that you'll get through this next hump and make it to your goal!