Monday, April 5, 2010

A very good weekend

A weekend of first and photographs. So many photographs, in fact, I don't know how I'm ever going to get through them all.

Friday morning my Chicken met the Easter Bunny. No tears, no giggles, just a strange "what the hell is this all about" kind of stare. And the photos started.

Saturday morning was Chicken's first swimmin' lesson, and oh my how this boy loves the pool. Lots and lots of giggles and smiles, and at least one picture for each of the forty minutes we spent in the pool. A few tears when Mr. Mike took him to make him the first example, but those tears didn't have a chance against the splashing, floating, singing and bouncing that ensued. And the doting Daddy got it all on video. And I do mean all of it. All forty minutes on video. With Daddy manning the video camera and Grammy and Grandude each snapping away the whole time, Chicken and I had our own little paparazzi pose in tow.

And while Chicken was too little to dye Easter eggs this year, he enjoyed the colors Saturday afternoon. He broke three eggs within five minutes of playing with them.

Easter Sunday was beautiful. Even moreso because we had a little madras munchkin to show off all day long.

And I'm not sure how the Easter Bunny travels, but I'm thinking he's got to have something similar to Santa's sleigh. Because I don't know how else that rascally rabbit got all those Easter baskets and presents to Cayden on Sunday.

What a wonderful weekend.

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