Thursday, April 22, 2010

Money well spent

Before: The front of our house included an overgrown rock garden, a mess of a lawn that was half-regular grass and half soiza grass, truckloads of rocks lining the sidewalk, two half-dead butterfly bushes of some kind, dead pine trees intertwined in the cable and phone wires and a goofy, overgrown terrace garden built out of 4x4s.

We spent a weekend moving, transplanting and giving away all the rocks, flowers and plants worth salvaging, which left us with this on Sunday afternoon.

Fast forward to today, and here is the beautiful landscape we have now: a regular, blessed lawn in the making. And a perfect first sledding hill for a 1.5 year old next winter.

The far side of the driveway is even more impressive of a change, but Blouch's hadn't finished seeding that when I snapped a few pics. In fact, they're just wrapping up now, at quarter after 8. More pics of the destruction and evacuation turned manageable yardwork to come.

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