Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nine Months

Can't wait for group tomorrow (it's been way too long), to chat with the girls and Mary, and to see how much Chicken weighs at nine months old.

Only major news at this birthday is that we're packing up the swing this weekend. Monday morning Mama strapped the Chicken in the swing for a few minutes while she got dressed, and Daddy discovered the boy moments later, hanging forward out of the swing, the straps holding on for dear life not to tear out of the apparatus and release the baby headfirst onto the floor. Cayden was reaching for a toy below the swing, and apparently threw the balance completely off, thereby dangling himself from the nearly inverted seat for a minute or two. One scare was enough for us, so into the attic goes the swing.

A couple of photos from today, and a video from earlier this week...

Showing off the new, rocker hair-do we discovered works so well for the boy:

And showing off the sock/shoes Grammy got him for his nine-month birthday:

And here is Mr. Grabby hands, who now gets a real kick out of squeezing parts of your face as hard as he can, to get an "owie" reaction. I'm sure this is exactly what we're NOT supposed to be doing (encouraging him to squeeze, hurt, entertain himself through rough play), but his laughs get us every time, and we can't help but play along.

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C and M said...

Ethan lunged out of his swing like that at 4.5 months old and I remember how scary it was!