Friday, June 4, 2010

Aaaaaand, we're up!

As has become our afternoon naptime routine in recent weeks, this afternoon we put Cayden in his crib, turned on the camera, walked out, closed the door and turned on the monitor to watch his hi-jinks until he finally decided to fall asleep.

Such hi-jinks have included rolling around in the crib, playing with stuffed animals, singing to himself, sitting up, blowing raspberries and -- most recently -- pulling up to his knees.

So today I'm in the kitchen with the monitor turned on -- cleaning, whipping up a batch of brownies and eating my own lunch, all at the same time -- and I glance over to see how close this baby is to winding down and passing out, blue blankie in-hand and thumb securely lodged in the mouth. Instead, I find a nearly empty screen.

Empty, except for two little feet at the very edge of that black and white picture, where I know the front wall of the crib is. So I call Brian from downstairs, and we pop in the nursery.

To see a standing baby.

Granddude predicted it would happen in Canada, but instead it happend a few days after we got home.

Cayden is ten months, one week old, and he's spent all afternoon practicing his new-found skill: pulling up to stand.

(Don't mind the nasty red bumps all over his face; turns out our Chicken has picked up another ugly, yet not-too-worrisome viral infection.)

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