Friday, June 11, 2010

But Not the Hippopotamus: RIP

So what would cause us to throw out a perfectly good, albeit slightly chewed board book?

What would cause an improptu mid-afternoon bath of the lower half in the bathroom sink?

A baby who has discovered how to take off his own diaper -- after filling it with poop, then trouncing around in said poop -- that's what.

So after the poop was removed from between Cayden's toes, we threw the crib sheets in the laundry and pitched But Not the Hippopotamus. Not even my cheap ass would consider trying to clean the book; in this case it just wasn't worth the $6 sticker price.

Cayden is not quite ten-and-a-half months old, and he is never, ever, ever again sleeping in a diaper alone.


Nicole said...

HAHA...oh, this made me belly laugh!

Anonymous said...

I really intended for Daddy to find my little present when he was alone and you weren't home. Sorry Mom!

Cayden said...

The previous comment was me!