Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waxing sentimental

20 things I love about being a Mama, right now:

  1. Wet, sloppy, open-mouth dog kisses from my baby that make my heart glow like nothing else.
  2. The little bit of granola in the pre-baby me that has become a whole-lotta big granola pride in Mama me.
  3. 5:30 a.m. nursing sessions, when it’s just him and me, and the house is quiet.
  4. Excited can’t-wait-til-they-get-it anticipation for pregnant friends who have no idea the great journey they’re in for.
  5. My boy’s excitement over pushing the button to make the garage door go up and down
  6. Becoming OK with the fact that priorities change. Scratch that. Becoming completely satisfied with the fact that priorities change, and learning that a different perspective on life is thrilling and fulfilling in a new (and better) way.
  7. Seeing the joy my son brings our families.
  8. Watching my first love fall deeper and deeper under the spell of our second love as he moves further and further from fragile baby to rough-and-tumble little boy.
  9. Being this close all-caught-up on first-year videos and scrapbook pages.
  10. Having a few more extra-long weekends to pack as chock-full of excitement, activities and family time as possible before our year of extra-long weekends is over.
  11. Practicing different character voices during story time, because stories are that much better with funny voices that distinguish the roles.
  12. Giggling each night because I can’t remember what impression I used for what animal, and smiling, knowing someday not-too-far-off my boy will know and call me out when Peter Rabbit’s voice is saying Benjamin Bunny’s lines.
  13. Realizing that despite all the panicking and worrying, we’re going to sail through our nursing goal; and being so confident in that realization that drafting a thank you letter to Mary the LC 1.5 months out seems not a jinx but a confirmation of fortune.
  14. Counting down the few remaining weeks the f#$@ing pump has left on my desk.
  15. Spic-and-span floors that are so much more rewarding because they’re now clean for a purpose beyond just looking nice.
  16. Still finding poop exciting proof that the living creature I created is growing and thriving just fine. Scratch fine. Impressively.
  17. Easily and quickly forgetting a tough day at work when little arms outstretch for an “I’m so glad to see you!” hug.
  18. Recognizing Daddy was right, and a small, simple first-birthday party makes much more sense than an over-thought, over-planned theme party.
  19. Delighting in the fact that an over-thought, over-planned theme party will be just perfect in another year or two.
  20. Bedtime prayers -- with a mop of hair tickling my lips and the musk of baby tickling my nose -- as I whisper my love into little ears that listen long after little eyelashes have intertwined in peace and trust and comfort.

So what are other Mamas loving about mothering right now, with your babies, littles or all-grown-up kids?


Connie said...

Beautifully written. I hope someday that Cayden will have the opportunity to read all of this and realize just how much he is loved.

Liz and Brian said...

Thanks. This one is going in his scrapbook, so he'll have it, at least!