Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our First In-Home Visit

We met Friday night with a researcher from Penn State Harrisburg, who conducted our first in-home visit for the childbirth class research project in which we're participating. Independently from the other we each had to fill out a big questionnaire booklet, which asked about everything from our financial situation to breastfeeding preferences and from how we'd like to see chores assigned in the future to whether or not we beat each other. Really, there were two whole pages dedicated to exploring what variety of weapons we've used against each other, how many times in the past year we've sworn at each other and whether or not either of us has been or should have been hospitalized due to partner abuse. Yikes!

All in all, the survey made us feel pretty good about our relationship.

We also had to participate in three video-taped excercises, which were kind of weird at first. But then again our researcher said they made her feel akward too, so she went in another room while we did them. For the first six minutes, we had to talk to each other about topics Brian brought up. Then for the second six-minute segment we did the same, but about topics I initiated. And finally, we had a 12-minute segment where we had to work on resolving differences. The researcher assigned us differences to talk about based on survey questions we had answered earlier, and I guess it's further testament to our (relatively?) healthy relationship that she had to make a difference up, because she didn't find enough between us to fill the time.

FYI, Our resolutions are that I'm going to better communicate my feelings to Brian (i.e., avoid the "What's wrong?" / "Nothing" / "No really, what's wrong?" / "Really, I'm fine" dance), and Brian is going to dust his office sometime before the new year. :)

It was an interesting experience, and I can only assume they'll evaluate the surveys and watch our videos to use as comparison for future visits. I'm guessing they're trying to see how differently we'll interact with each other when the baby is nine months old, then again when it's two years old. Then again I could be completely wrong.

Ah, what the heck. It was something relatively constructive to do, and we'll get a check in the mail soon. And we should find out next week to which childbirth classes we're assigned.

And then the best part. By the time the researcher left, it was just after 8 p.m., and neither of us felt like starting dinner at home. So we used a gift certificate Brian got for Christmas from one of his clients to go for the BEST DINNER I'VE HAD IN WEEKS. We went to Hoss's, and I LOVED IT. Don't laugh. It was the first time in a while salad tasted good to me, so I stuffed myself with spinach, broccoli salad, olives, pickled egg whites, garbanzo beans and cauliflower. The baked beans, cheese nachos and frozen yogurt were icing on the cake. Mmmmm, Hoss's is this pregnant lady's best friend right now.

Then we came back home, talked to the cats for a bit and we were in bed on our way to dreamland by 10:30 p.m. Yup, Friday nights take on a whole new meaning now. :)

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