Friday, December 12, 2008

Some funny things

First of all, this exhaustion thing is really throwing me for a loop. I was sitting at work at 4:30 yesterday, with yawn-tears streaming down my face, just trying to keep my eyes open. So I go home thinking I'll take a nap -- which I NEVER do, even on weekends -- after dinner and before Grey's and ER come on. I lay down at 8 and feel guilty for doing so, because there are a lot of other productive things I could be doing. And then I wake up at 7 a.m. That's ELEVEN HOURS OF SLEEP. Get real -- does a 15 mm tadpole REALLY need that much rest??

And then while I slept I had my first of what I'm reading are pretty common goofy pregnancy dreams. I dreampt we were at Kim & Charlie's Rose Bowl party, and I drank a can of beer. Then a Coronita appeared, and I had a sip of that before passing it on to Brian. OK, I don't even really like beer that much. I could see if maybe I was dreaming about wine, but crappy Mexican beer? And for those who are wondering, nope, the lack of booze hasn't bothered me at all. I have yet to wish I could have a drink or two. But it's funny to watch Brian drink, because he feels so guilty for doing it. I keep telling him I'm fine, but he gets this lost-puppy look on his face whenever he grabs a beer or makes a drink. Cute, but I'm telling him to get over it.

Oh, one new appointment scheduled: Jan. 6 first trimester screening. Apparently we meet with a genetic counselor at the med center first, then they do a finger-prick for blood and do another ultrasound. It's all to test for a handful of genetic disfunctions including downs syndrome, and the ultrasound will verify or amend the EDD.

And finally, the next week should be interesting. We decided to insert "Our latest news" notes in many of the Christmas cards we're sending, so traffic here (and personal calls and emails to us) may increase soon. Cards are going in the mail today...

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Connie said...

Yes, Liz, it is perfectly normal to feel that tired at this point. Your body is getting used to some pretty awesome changes. I'm glad you gave in to the sleep mode instead of trying to fight it. Tadpole might be little, but he/she knows what's best. Remember, it has to be a pretty smart little bugger with you two as parents!