Friday, May 22, 2009

31 weeks: apparently now I'm publicly pregnant

I don't think I'm all that much bigger this week than last week, but something must have changed. Or maybe it's that I'm no longer averse to wearing snug camis and tanks, now that the belly is clearly identifiable as pregnant, rather than just chubby.

But whatever it is, the past three days have demonstrated a new pattern of comments and conversation from strangers and coworkers. Never before this week have people commented so regularly and out of nowhere on my pregnancy.

A Harrisburg man as I walked by the river Wednesday afternoon: "Hey pregnant lady!"

A female co-worker Wednesday afternoon: "Aaaw, there's the baby!"

A male co-worker Wednesday afternoon: "Hey, I wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy"

A local news anchor Wednesday night: "So, is this your first shot at mommy-hood?"

Another male co-worker Thursday: "Just wanted to tell you, you still lookin' good, girl. Not one of those who lets herself go for the baby. Good for you!"

A female co-worker Thursday: "Hey, I've been meaning to tell you how great you look -- you're like one of those celebrity pregnant women!"

The bagel shop attendants this morning: "Oh, she is pregnant! Congratulations!"

Female co-worker on the elevator this afternoon: "Are you having a baby? Contgratulations!"

I'm not entirely sure how to respond to the suddenly common and sometimes awkward, sometime flattering comments, but a polite thank you or nod seems to work for now.

This is odd for me: all of a sudden I'm no longer just Liz who can make small talk on any number of subjects, now I'm pregnant Liz, and all small talk (and apparently observations and conversations unbeknownst to me) revolves around my mid-section.

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