Tuesday, May 26, 2009

32 weeks

Weight: up 5 lbs. from 3 weeks ago (about 14 lbs., overall)

BP: 112/68

Pee: A-OK

FH: 29 cm

Baby's HB: strong

A few thoughts:

First, considering the jump in weight and the frequent comments from others about my belly, I think I must have hit the "growth spurt" Amy talked about at the last appointment.

Secondly, while I'm surprised (not quite worried) about the smaller fundal height measurement (She got 31 cm at 29 weeks), Amy says not to worry. She says he may just be curled up in a tight little ball this morning, and Thursday's ultrasound will give us a ton of details, anyway.

And I asked about cord blood banking, but Hershey doesn't have any affiliations, recommendations or resources. Amy says the docs are happy to do it, but it's a personal decision and the best way to gather info is Google. So I hope to do a Google search later this week.

All-in-all, kind of anticlimactic. Hopefully Thursday morning will be much more exciting.


Mayday28 said...

Looks like you are definetly out of the "pointy" stage, good for your pictures! Looking forward to a new look at little guy on thursday, will they have a sono pic for you?

Liz and Brian said...

I think it still looks pointy -- no curve on the upper half, above the belly button!

I assume they'll give us a DVD like they did last time. I sure hope so!