Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tunnel Ear and Lady Toots

So I've been suffering the occasional bout of what I call "tunnel ear" for a few weeks, now -- it's been happening a few times a week, probably since the middle of the second trimester or so. It's mostly in my right ear, occasionally in both and this morning it was in my left. It's this weird ear popping/not-popping situation, where I get an annoying echo/wind tunnel effect in my ear when I talk and breathe. It's extremely irritating, because there's nothing I can do to alleviate the situation but constantly swallow, try to pop my ears, blow my nose and look funny for the half-hour or hour until it passes. Although I can't find anything on tunnel ear in my pregnancy books, I've read posts from other girls who experience the same thing. I also asked Amy about it at the last appointment, and unfortunately there's no remedy but patience for the pregnancy-related mucus/membrane/pressure issues.

It drives me completely nuts when it happens, but considering how easy this road has been so far, I won't dwell on this minor discomfort too much.

On a completely unrelated topic, a trip to Babies'R'Us yesterday evening made me wonder about all the crazy sh!t the sales clerks and customer service folks in the store see on a regular basis. After all, this is one big building that attracts droves of large, hormone-crazed, often uncomfortable women, many of whom are trodding down this road of unknown physical and emotional madness for the first time. I bet those friendly store clerks have seen and heard it all.

I am happy to report, however, that they did NOT see or hear my embarrassing display last night. But that's only because (thank God!) no one was around as I made my way past the baby monitors, suddenly and completely unable to control my quiet, yet obvious walking toots. And of course as soon as I stopped walking, I turned bright red and started giggling at myself, then unable to control my giggling toots.

(Yes, toots, a term appropriate for the delicate and lady-like noises I made. Regardless of how embarrassing the situation was, it was not a vulgar display.)

Really, a proud, proud moment for me.

I know far greater moments of discomposure await me in the coming weeks, and I guess I should reallly be thankful for these embarrassing little experiences. After all, these uncomfortable lessons are growing my humility and ultimately helping to prepare me for having my dignity completely stripped during labor and delivery.

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