Friday, May 29, 2009

Growth Ultrasound

First, I apologize to the 30 or so of you who checked yesterday, eagerly expecting a report from our ultrasound. Yesterday just ended up crazy-busy, and I was too tired to post when I got home from work.

So here's the report: everything looks normal. Not too big, not too small.

Baby boy is estimated to weigh 4 pounds 7 ounces or 4.7 pounds (I can't remember which she said), plus or minus 10 ounces. Kind of a big margin of error, but the ultrasound tech said he's measuring a little bit on the "healthier" (read: bigger) side of average. His heartbeat was a healthy 130.

They identified and measured all kinds of parts -- stomach, heart, kidneys, brain, arm bone, leg bone, amniotic fluid, cervix -- and everything was normal. She also double-checked to make sure he's still a boy. He is.

As of yesterday, baby boy was head down (bottom up), and right transverse, meaning he's facing my right side. That would explain the frequent kicks and punches on my right side, especially the ones up by my right ribs. He still has some room to move around in there, so he may flip flop before settling into what we hope will be a head-down, longitudinal (straight up-and-down), anterior (facing my back) position for easiest delivery.

We were very, very happy to hear he's doing fine, but we were definitely disappointed with the images this time. Baby boy was sleeping -- with his fist in front of his face, no less -- so we didn't get any good pictures. In fact, we only got two images -- one of what they tell us is his face (I can't see it), the other of his heart -- and a video of his heart beating. So here you go...

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