Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photo shoots

Baby boy now has another photo shoot scheduled for Thursday morning, May 28. That is, I have an ultrasound scheduled for that day, when they'll try to get a good idea of his size.

And I'm starting to doubt my June 7 photo shoot date for maternity portraits. I want pics of a big, full, round belly, not a mid-sized, pointy, lower belly. I think I'll check with Scott to see if he has any open dates later in June, just in case I'm not all that much bigger in three weeks. I mean my bump is cute and all, but artsy photos just won't be all that impressive if the belly doesn't stick out past my boobs.


Anonymous said...

Just and FYI, while I understand where you are coming from, you may not end up with the kind of belly you're hoping for. I carried almost exactly the way that you are now, delivered at 39w1d, and never had a huge pregant belly. You also want to make sure to avoid the dreaded stretch marks (hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones)!

Liz and Brian said...

Thanks for the perspective.

And knock-on-wood and cross-my-fingers -- so far, so good in avoiding stretch marks!!