Thursday, October 29, 2009

3 Month, 1 Day Update

First of all, Cayden's vaccination this afternoon (the first of two prevnar shots to prevent Pneumococcal disease) went fine. A little cry after the needle, but he nursed and fell asleep right afterward. No reaction so far, other than a particularly sleepy baby this afternoon, but that may be because of the baby Tylenol. And the best part? Our alternate vaccination schedule isn't even going to cost us any extra money, because my insurance doesn't charge a co-pay for nurse-only visits!

Hopefully my swine flu vaccination will go as well tomorrow.

Today I explored Once Upon A Child for the first time, and I think we'll become regular customers. I got Chicken Wing's entire 9-month wardrobe for $68! And by 9-month wardrobe, I mean that's the size he's moving into now, so I had to stock up on long-sleeved onesies, pants and sleepers before he outgrows all his 6-month clothes.

Last night, at three months old, Cayden slept for a 5-hour stretch. It was very nice.

I definitely built my return to work up to be much worse than it actually was. I enjoyed the mental stimulation, and my baby did just fine with all his Grammas. I think I'm going to have to pump four times a day rather than three, however, to keep up with his intake. Mary said today it will take about three weeks for the both of us to really get into the groove of a routine, so we're supposed to rest and nurse as much as possible in the next couple of weeks to keep my supply plentiful and get him settled into a regular eating and sleeping routine during our days apart.

And lastly, here's Cayden taking his 11-o'clock bottle last night. He can't hold it by himself for long, but he knows how!

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