Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is there anything cuter than babies in costume?

My little giraffe.

All the babies. Clockwise from Cayden: giraffe, pumpkin, holiday t-shirt, wizard, cow (mom dressed as a farmer), dinosaur, skeleton, lobster, pumpkin, turtle.

And as many of the toddlers as would sit still for a picture. Bird, lion, dragon, gorilla, Hershey kiss.

And my pic for best costume, although the 11-month old twins dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy gave this pair a run for their money. That's a dog costume from Target (the lobster), and mom Kelly's apron says "I LOVE MY LOBSTER." She carried her around in the pot!!!

I also met a mom this morning that breastfed and cloth diapered twin girls, Liberty and Glory, born two years ago on the fourth of July. She had to pump more than a gallon a day (12 times a day, no less) to feed her babies, and she had twice as many diapers to keep up with. What an AMAZING mom. I'm proud of myself for making it through the tough times so far, but I don't think I have anywhere near the strength, patience and determination this woman has!

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Mayday28 said...

Cayden is by far the cutest baby in the bunch! I love the little brown nose.