Monday, October 19, 2009

My last Monday with Chicken Wing. Gulp

Brian keeps telling me not to be upset because I'll still have four days a week with him. He keeps reminding me "the gypsies aren't coming to take him away."

But it doesn't really ease the anxiety of spending three less days a week with Cayden. Why oh why did he just start to become fun so close to the end of my time off?

Even though I really am looking forward to going back to work part-time, now that I have less than a week left that day seems to have snuck up on me far to quickly.

Suddenly I wish we lived in Canada, where the government protects a mom's job and pays maternity unemployment for a year, and many employers "top you up" so moms can stay home longer and collect darn near a full paycheck.

I know we'll be fine and I'll enjoy my time apart getting fulfilling adult interaction, but I can't help but be scared shitless and really sad today.

Good news is Cayden slept from 9 to midnight last night, then from 12:30 to 5:30 a.m. He's 11 weeks, 6 days old today.


C and M said...

Your post brought back memories of when my maternity leave was winding down. My husband would say "he's not going anywhere" but I couldn't help feeling sad. I also work pt (3 days a week) and I find it to be a nice balance. Much luck in your adjustment back to work!

MEM said...

Liz, Enjoy your last week home with your little guy! The transition back to work is so hard, so be ready for (yet another!) emotional train wreck! Get a good system in place for yourself, getting all your bags packed the night before, keys by the door, cell phone charged, etc. You will never be well rested again, but you will be rested enough to get through it, somehow it's enough.
One thing I love about Charlotte's daycare is that they always give me a rundown of how she did that day - stories, songs, dancing, outside time. But - they don't spoil the milestones for me, so every time she does something "new" for us, it's the "first time". Like two Friday's ago, we were out and she started clapping and laughing, and I was so excited. Monday when I dropped her off and told them that she can clap hands, they just smile and laugh - she's probably been doing it there for a week before I got to see it, but that's OK!
You'll do great! And you'll be getting a paycheck. And you'll get a little piece of your old life back, even if it's just 8 hours a day. That's 8 whole hours without poop on your hands! Yay!
It's OK to hate it and melt down and freak out, too. HUGS!

Liz and Brian said...

Thanks, Mer. I actually tried on, laundered, ironed, de-cat-furred, etc. all three outfits for next week today!