Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cloth Diaper Update

Yup, we're still going strong on the CD front.

We did buy seven more diapers -- one Bum Genius and six Happy Heineys -- to ease the laundry burden a bit.

We moved to the regular inserts (or two infant inserts) shortly after we started using the dipeys, and last week (week 11) we changed all the snaps to the next biggest size.

But everything is working well.

Except for a common-sense lesson I learned last week with regard to leaks. I thought maybe our dipeys were repelling (often a problem with detergents that have additives), therefore leaking. But after inquiring with Lillian, I smacked myself on the forehead to realize they aren't repelling, they're just OVERLY FULL OF PEE! Duh, it's the inserts that repel, not the covers. And our inserts are soaked when Cayden is changed, so they're working just fine.

Apparently I just need to change him more often (he hardly ever fusses over diaper issues, so I don't know he's really wet until I feel the wetness on his pants), use more inserts (which makes him really bulky) or try a more absorbant insert. Will try the old infant pre-folds as inserts next week, to see if they do better.

For now we're on to sposies for a long weekend in Jim Thorpe. First time Cayden will make this annual Fall weekend.

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