Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New noises and more food

Yesterday Cayden started making a noise like he's clearing his throat or choking. Wow, does that new noise sure entertain him!

Oh, and we had what we think was our first temper-tantrum late last week. After his wheat cereal supper -- while still in his high chair -- Chicken Wing suddenly started screaming bloody murder -- a scream we've never heard before, and he had real tears, red face and all. Brian thought he hurt himself and came running from the kitchen, then we both just kind of stared at him wide-eyed for a few seconds, trying to figure out who the hell had taken over the body of our agreeable little boy. I don't know if he just wasn't satisfied with his two tablespoons of cereal or what, but something seriously pissed the kid off.

Speaking of small amounts of food, we did up Shorty's lunch portions a couple of days ago, after Mary the LC assured me he's ready for more if he's letting us know he's ready for more. I was nervous about filling him up with too much food so he wouldn't be as hungry for the milk that supposed to sustaining him almost entirely for another month or so. But Mary put my concerns to rest; he's still nursing and drinking as much as he was before, so the "meals" are just extra calories, not replacement nutrition.

This kid has yet to ever turn away from a spoon or boob.

The past couple of days he's had an ounce of yams or sweet potatoes AND a third of a banana for lunch. Then two tablespoons of cereal at dinner.

Cayden is five months, two weeks and one day old.

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