Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sitting and sleeping and sickness, oh my!

Last night Cayden propped himself up into a tripod for the first time on his own, or at least the first time I've seen it. He was sitting, playing with the top of his activity table, and I was sitting in front of him, ready to catch him when he toppled to one side. But instead of toppling, he put his left arm down on the outside of his left leg, and propped himself up on it.

And in the past week, he has shown a clear preference for side- and tummy-sleeping. Every night I put him in his crib on his back, and immediately after I get him tucked in his sleep sack, he rolls over to his right side. And at some point in the night -- sometimes early, sometimes after we've gone to bed -- he rolls onto his tummy. Because most mornings when I come in to get him, he's in a cobra pose, trying to look out of his crib.

And while Brian and I have both been sick -- now for over a week -- Cayden seems to be avoiding our colds, somehow. Probably a lot to do with breastmilk, since the antibodies I'm making to fight my own cold are transferred into his milk, thereby helping him fight the germs he's exposed to. Kind of like Mama medicine.

Oh, and one more "s" topic: snuggle snacks. That's what I've decided to call nursing. Eventually Shorty is going to start learning word associations, so that's what he'll learn as the term for nursing. And I'm going to start using the ASL sign for milk while saying "snuggle snack," so he'll have a sign to communicate, before he can talk. I've read a little bit about signing, and it seems to help with language development for lots of babies.

Cayden is five months, one week and two days old.

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