Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yay for veggies!

While rice cereal and oatmeal turned Cayden's poops into messes the consistency of peanut butter (YUCK), it seems adding a little veggie (sweet potato) to his diet firmed things up into nice, ploppable poops!

That's right, no scraping needed, these poops just fall right off the dipeys, into the toilet.

Since Christmas, Cayden has had sweet potatoes a handful of times, and we tried a bit of avocado on New Year's day. Not a big fan of the avocado, so we'll try again later.

Then today, Shorty reached for my banana, so I gave him a little taste, in a mesh teether. He seemed to like it. And I know we're breaking all the rules (introducing more than one food every few days), but when he reached for the spoon I was using to clean the last of his pear puree from the bowl, I just had to give him a taste. He's a big fan of pears.

This afternoon I began making baby food purees, which we'll probably use for the next three months, until he's better able to "gum" or mash soft foods up in his mouth himself. Peas and pears are already setting up in the freezer, and sweet potatoes and butternut squash are in the fridge, awaiting room in the baby food ice cube trays. Tomorrow I hope to finish up the weekend's baby cooking with zucchini and apple purees.

And thanks to Lauren and Jeff, we now have a stand-alone freezer for all the breast milk baggies and baby food cubes that are starting to take over both our kitchen and garage freezers.

Cayden is five months and five days old.

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