Monday, December 14, 2009

Poopoo in the Potty

No, Cayden hasn't started potty training. But oh how the poop landscape changed with the introduction of rice cereal!

This morning we got the first post-rice cereal poop, and unlike his very liquid poops to date, this one was much thicker, like peanut butter. And it stuck to his buns, requiring more than just a gentle wipe to clean him off.

I decided I didn't want to let the peanut-butter-poop dry out in the diaper pail until I do diaper laundry later this week, so this morning I began our poop-scraping journey, which I read will be quite interesting over the next couple of years.

Used way too much toilet paper to get the poo in the toilet, so now I'm on the hunt for a poop-scraping aparatus. Plastic knives, spoons and putty knives have been recommended to me, so far.

Since he's only pooping about once every 8 days now, I guess I have a week to pick my poop scraper.


nsees said...

Oh dear! I am SO not looking forward to this but it's good to know what's ahead of us.

GL with the scraping. Maybe we will just continue EBF until our LO is potty trained :-)

C and M said...

The peanut butter stage was pretty short for us. Hope you get to the ploppable stage soon. It's much easier and cleaner!