Sunday, December 20, 2009

Plugged Duct

Uggh, I'm pretty sure I have one. Right side, right at the line where the nursing bra sits, under my boob.

Cayden is a little over four and a half months old.

So today will be spent massaging the sore spot, nursing frequently, applying warm compresses and resting. All in an effort to work the plug free before infection and mastitis have a chance to come out and play.

Meanwhile, Brian will keep working on the wall, so we can (hopefully) at least put our living room back in order before the work week starts.

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MEM said...

Best tip I got - soak a disposable diaper. Microwave til almost uncomfortably hot. Attach to boob fifteen minutes prior to nursing. Nurse all the freaking time while massaging boob. Also - fill a sock with rice. Microwave sock. Hold sock over clog while baby is nursing - taking care not to touch the baby with the sock. Massage. Nurse. Repeat. Good luck - that pain is crazy!