Thursday, December 24, 2009

Catching Up: Almost 5 Months Old

FYI, we worked the plugged duct out in a little over a day -- whew.

As for Cayden, he's now sitting with little support (seems to have come out of the blue -- I swear the last time I propped him up on his butt he tipped right over), and he's trying his darndest to figure out how to make his pieces work together to move around. We think he'll be crawling pretty soon.

We're back to pooping every three days or so, and last night Shorty set another new sleep record -- 10 hours straight, without Brian or I having to get up a single time to help him back to sleep.

And I discovered a FANTASTIC trick yesterday for pumping at work -- the hair tie trick! Amazing how four rubber bands can completely change the course of a day for me. I can now pump hands-free! Really great, because my left hand has started aching from horn-holding, and now my right hand doesn't have to peck away at the keyboard alone anymore. Pumping sessions suddenly got so much more productive. I'm sure I'd look ridiculous to anyone who happened upon me pumping hands-free, but I doubt anyone will have opportunity to take in such a sight.

Off to go get ready for Christmas Eve service -- sooo excited for Cayden's first Christmas, even though I know he'll be more interested in eating the wrapping paper than anything else.

Merry Christmas!

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