Friday, December 11, 2009

Sleeping through the night

That's right, folks -- we have a baby who has been sleeping through the night for a week!! Not the "sleeping through the night" adults are used to, but ever since last Friday, his first stretch of sleep has gotten longer and longer after bedtime.

Last Friday he slept almost five hours before waking up -- a heck of a lot different than the up-every-hour crap he was doing not to long ago -- and last night he slept from 8:15 to 4:40 a.m. before waking for a snack!

And the icing on the cake? Now it only takes me 15 minutes to put him to bed, before he's completely out for HOURS.

Sooooo, is it coincidence that we started rice cereal last Friday night, and he's been sleeping like a champ ever since that same night? DOUBTFUL.

I know the docs don't necessarily agree that rice cereal makes babies sleep better, and I've heard from a few moms whose kids definitely did NOT sleep better after rice cereal.

But my baby? Yeah, rice cereal helps him sleep much more deeply and peacefully. Still glad we waited until we got the go-ahead from the pediatrician, but boy am I loving those magic little sparkly flakes now.

And I'm also really glad we don't have to revisit the CIO discussion, at least for a while. Brian is just thrilled that Cayden goes to sleep so fast and stays asleep so long, so we're OK with the fact that he nurses pretty much to sleep at bedtime and at his (now only!!) nighttime feeding.

And I'm sure now that I've committed this to writing he'll return to his horrible sleep patterns forthwith.

Haven't posted any photos in a while, so here's my handsome boy last Sunday, rolling around on the floor.

And here's what I came back out of the kitchen to find, after grabbing a glass of juice. Chicken Wing watching NFL countdown.

And one more. Cayden making out with his gifaffe, Sophie. Mmmmm, sloppy giraffe action.


Rose said...

Wow! A breakthrough!

Why does infant sleep have the ability to make a grown adult completely bonkers?

nsees said...

Congrats on the great sleeping!

My first son was the same way. He was also a bigger baby and once he started on rice cereal, he started sleeping in much longer stretches as well. What a relief!

Now my second boy has been giving us longer stretches much earlier (at around 2.5 months) so there is hope for the next time around! ;-)

Hope you continue with more restful nights!