Saturday, December 5, 2009

A few things I forgot to mention that are worth mentioning

1.) About the two nights of progressive waiting we tried: how cruel that Cayden's only makes use of consonants during his most passionate cries, making every wail sound like "Ma Ma Ma Maaaa."

2.) Dr. Baker had to pull a cat fur off Cayden's twink at yesterday's appointment. It made me laugh, and the doc wasn't at all concerned.

3.) We're on Day Number Eight without a poop. This is the longest no-poop window since just before Canada and Cayden's 2-month birthday.

4.) He took his shot yesterday like a champ. Reaction was delayed by a second or two, but then he just let out one cry and that was it.

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C and M said...

Just saw your post above (cute pics!)... maybe you already know this but just in case... rice is a binder. It can constipate some babies so if he's already gone long w/o poop rice can make it worse.