Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shopping with Shorty

Much of today was spent running around, and while I was sure I'd have to eliminate one or more errands, to get Shorty home when he got fussy, I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.

He sat through my 1/2 hour meeting with Susan from U-Gro perfectly well, occasionally cooing or raspberrying to himself in his carseat. (By the way, we're officially enrolled!)

He snoozed for 30 or 40 minutes while I ran to pick up Spike's food at the vet's office, then drove to Costco and gassed up. He woke up when I put him in the cart at Costco, so I thought that was a perfect opportunity to change his dipe. And sure enough, two of the five women we saw in the ladies room commented on his cloth diapers and said they were familiar with them. It's kind of like a little-known sisterhood, and all the CD moms are excited to find another member of the club. :)

Got through Costco in a half-hour, and Cayden started giggling in his car seat toward the end.

Then on to Walmart, for some cheap produce and groceries (dill carrots and cauliflower are setting up in the freezer for Chicken Wing). I thought he'd sleep through Walmart (it was, afterall, about time for his long afternoon nap), so I moved to the back seat of the car to nurse him before going in. But as he filled up, he became more awake and distracted. And he was already out of his car seat, so I figured, "eh, what the heck, we'll go without the carseat for this trip." I had the sling on me, but then I remembered seeing a baby smaller than Cayden riding in the shopping cart at Costco.

So in the cart he went (after I disinfected every surface I could imagine he'd touch, using five alcohol wipes), and he LOVED it! He giggled, cooed and raspberried the whole way through the store. And boy did this kid attract attention! Four or five people stopped us to ask his name or how old he was, or to comment on what a happy baby he was. I didn't have the camera on me, so the best I could do was take a snapshot with my phone. But I don't do text messages (personal pet peeve), so I think the photo is stuck on my phone, forever. EDIT: Brian and Jeff figured out how to get the picture to my e-mail, so here you go:
When we got home (trunk filled to the brink), I told Dad we should go on a shopping excursion this weekend just for the heck of it, so he could see how happy this kid is in the front of the shopping cart.

Only one minor kink in our afternoon of errands: in the check out at Walmart, Cayden let go of his hand-holds on the shopping cart and tipped over to the side. I caught him before he really hit the side of the cart, but the tip-over scared him a little and big elephant tears rolled down his cheeks. But a quick hug, some kisses and whispers in his ear, and he was just fine.

So what lesson did we learn today? Suddenly, this kid is an attention magnet at stores!

Cayden is five months, three weeks and three days old. And tossing his head, side to side like Stevie Wonder, for a week now.


MEM said...

when in doubt - take them to the grocery store! charlotte loves to sit in the cart and it makes the trip much more fun. you'll find that you start narrarating your way through the store, asking the baby where the tomatoes are and if they look nice, and what type of pasta to get. and then the other shoppers will give you the side-eye and think your crazy. the store manager at our acme laughs when he sees me coming - he knows i talk and sing the whole way through the store. sounds like you had a great day!

Liz and Brian said...

Love it!! I've already been stopped! When Chicken Wing was little, I had him in the sling and was talking to him the whole way through the store. An older woman, who had been following about the same path through the aisles as I had, finally stopped me to ask if he ever has anything to say in return. :)