Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Because I have no shame

I woke up this morning dizzy because my sinuses were completely blocked. I felt like my head weighed 25 pounds and was being squeezed from every angle.

After a morning of rest didn't help alleviate the pressure, and knowing conventional over-the-counter cold medicines aren't good for the baby, I decided to explore some other options for relief.

This gem comes highly recommended as a natural alternative for fixing all things sinus. Not pretty, but the mini teapot of saline solution really does work. And it gave Brian great, great entertainment. In fact, I think he ran out and bought this for me, just so he could delight in watching me use it.

The cruel irony of the situaton? The guy behind the camera is the one who gave me this cold in the first place.


Nicole said...

HAHAHAHA...that's hysterical!

Lauren & Jeff said...

I love how Herc is even entertained!

Connie said...

I can't wait for payback time! Keep your camera handy to record the 1st time little boy Brassell spits up (or worse) on Daddy!