Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Name Game

We're making progress, although the original plan has been modified. Neither of us was a big fan of five names on the other's list, so we decided last night to pick just our top three. And then, since each of our favorite names didn't make the other's top three, we decided to add them back into the mix for consideration. So in total, we're looking at eight possible names. We are literally going to post them on the fridge and keep thinking about them over the next few weeks, maybe months.

The good news: neither of us outright hates any of the names on the list of eight.

Yes, there was one name that we both picked for our original lists (Barrett), but that name isn't a front-runner for either of us. And the most ironic part of this process is that each of our favorite names is actually the same name: Brian's is the traditional English version (Nicholas), and mine is the traditional Scottish version (Caelan). Unfortunately, they're too far apart to use one as a formal first name and the other as a nickname.

Further, a couple of disclaimers on the final list. There are a couple of names on there we both really, really like, but that unfortunately just may not work. Caleb is a favorite of both of ours, but we're concerned the "b" at the end of the first name and the "b" at the beginning of the last name may be too cumbersome to pronounce. And as for Colin, it's another top pick for both of us, but we recently found out it's also a favorite of my brother and sister-in-law, should they have a son down the road. So it's possible names may come off or go on this list of eight, but I think we have narrowed it down pretty well so far.

Personally, I'd like to narrow the list of eight down to two or three by July, so we have some options when we first meet the little guy. It sounds funny, but I have heard from a couple of moms who, after spending the first few hours with their newborns, absolutely knew what names were perfect and what names just wouldn't do.

So here are the lists, as refined last night (click the chart to enlarge):

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