Monday, March 2, 2009

How cool is this?

So I stumbled upon this picture last week (This is the nursery us+1 from The Bump is planning for baby lullabelle), and I fell in love with the concept. Since most of the bedding sets and themes we're considering are nature-related in some way, I think we're going to build our nursery around a tree!

Just ordered this decal online, and I can't wait to get it, get the furniture and set it all in the room! The tree is 78 inches tall, so it will reach almost all the way to the ceiling. And since it's a little off-center, I want to have the tree kind of hanging over the crib on the one big solid wall in the nursery.

LOVE this.


Becki said...

I love the tree idea. Can I ask where you found that decal?

Liz and Brian said...

The first pic came from a nestie on the 2nd tri board (I forget her SN), and she reccommended Etsy. This was my first purchase from the site, and the decal came from seller artwallproject.

If you visit and search "tree wall decal," hundreds will come up in different sizes and styles. I also loved a couple of the wild grass and dandelion-blowing-in-the-wind decals, but hubby prefers the tree.