Sunday, March 15, 2009


Or, as Brian likes to call the paper-and-glue-craft, bag-o-douche. He'd never heard of it before last week, and he made up his own name for it. If only we're blessed with such a creative son.

Anyway, after seeing these decoupaged name letters, I decided I wanted to try my hand at the craft. But then I realized we may not pick a name until after the baby is born, so I started to think of other options for a different medium. Jess decoupaged a really cool beach/surfer bulletin board for Max's nursery, so I called her Saturday to get the details on the how, what and where of the process.

Two trips to Michaels, one trip to AC Moore, a few coats of paint and a few hours spent cutting, arranging and glueing pieces of paper, and we have what I think is a pretty cool piece of wall art that doubles as a bulletin board. Lots of vibrant colors and patterns, which is good for the look and feel of the room as well as stimulating baby's mind.

Hopefully we'll find time to hang this thing on the wall this week, although busy nights may keep me from taking new photos of the nursery in daylight. I also want to post a new pic of the tree, because I found some blue birds, dragonflies, ducks and turtles that work really well to add a little color to the wall.

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